Young people are in a confidence and mental health crisis, you only have to switch on the radio, TV or scroll through the Internet to see the extent of the problem.

Every challenge presents a great opportunity and that’s what CHAMPS Academy is all about. Helping kids and teens to learn proactive solutions to the complexities of growing up.

And they need it now more than ever. Stark confirmation of this issue was raised through a recent report.

It revealed children here ranked 14th out of 15 countries for overall life satisfaction, just ahead of South Korea, according to research by the University of York and The Children’s Society.

The main issues surrounding the lack of happiness for young people in England were:

• Body image worries
• Bullying / Friend issues
• Higher levels of negativity
• Low self-worth
• Unsettled home life

“Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression and between 1 in every 12 children and young people deliberately self-harm.” ~ YoungMinds Charity

All children have their ups and downs from time to time. But it’s when problems seem to be ongoing and affect other areas of their lives and affect the family equilibrium that’s when action needs to be taken and other tools used.

Young people in your area need your help and it’s much easier than you think. You see CHAMPS Coaches are strategists NOT therapists.

That means we do not offer therapy. In 99% of cases kids/teens do NOT need therapy or counselling… they need practical help and workable solutions they can use at School, home or wherever they need it.

You may be thinking only people with coaching experience could join and here’s the reassurance why you don’t need to be a Coach already to become a CHAMPS Franchisee!

  • Parents and Schools are looking for the solution for their child or teen, our results speak volumes for the ultimate proof and the reason why demand for CHAMPS services are so high.
  • All coaches are DBS checked, fully and adequately trained, licensed, insured and supported by CHAMPS to the highest level possible.
  • We have a good track record in creating high levels of results 🙂 See what parents say about CHAMPS on Trustilot via our homepage.
  • CHAMPS Coach Development  is our unique continual professional development for coaches.
  • Proven and effective systems and structures makes this easy, fun and rewarding.
  • We train and support you with everything you need to be a successful coach.

You can probably tell we are passionate and committed to helping all young people to develop the ability and believe in themselves to be able to handle any situation with a sense of certainty, courage and clarity. True primed, developed and conditioned confidence shines through any situation like a lighthouse beacon in thick fog.

Above all CHAMPS helps young people become more resourceful. Stress, anxiety and emotions all shut down the creative thinking ability, this means children/teens often think themselves deeper into challenges/problems. Resourcefulness allows them to think differently and come up with solutions and gain greater perspective.

Join Our Mission, Share Our Vision

CHAMPS Mission is to inspire and empower 1 Million children and teens by 2020, to achieve that we need more trained coaches, will you be our next Franchisee?

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