CHAMPS Coach Shirley helps three little primary age girls stop being Bullied

Shirley did her first Bully Proof workshop in December 2017.

Three little primary age girls from the same family attended, one of whom had been bullied for several years by the same person. The mum told Shirley that the school had tried very hard to deal with the problem, but it had become chronic, and the wee girl was very unhappy to go to school.

Shirley offered them the CHAMPS Academy Bully Proof workshop in December 2017 adfter following the workshop programme the children particularly enjoyed belly breathing, running on the spot in Mindstorm, and bursting with life and joy in Popcorn (specific exercises offered in the Workshop).

The labels exercise brought an interesting dynamic in that the mum confided about a confidence issue that she suffered from. She then said that after the workshop she would commit to trying to overcome this using the tools she’d learned from CHAMPS Academy.

I believe her openness and willingness to change reinforced the validity of what we were doing in the eyes of her children, as they saw that their mum was going to practice just as they were..”

Says Shirley

At the end of the workshop we practiced the Eliminate techniques – strong body, appropriate eye contact and looking/turning away. This was fun, as  Shirley tried to ‘intimidate’ all the children by staring meanly at them, but they simply completed the three steps they had learned.

“I feel that this was a powerful time for them all, even if we were laughing and pretending.”

Says Shirley

A few days later the mum told Shirley that her daughter had not been worried about going to school on the following Monday morning, but had been bursting to go so she could use her new skills! Sure enough, the bully had come to taunt her, but she belly breathed, ‘popcorned’ inside, looked the bully in the eye and –  the bully walked away!

What a wonderful breakthrough!

Since then, the mum reports, there have been no more incidents at school, and the little girl has not said anything negative about herself although she had been speaking very negatively for a long time.

A lovely post script… The mum told Shirley that she too had mastered the issue that had oppressed her for years!  The tools and strategies really do set people free.

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