CHAMPS Academy gets funding

For kids in areas of deprivation it can be easy for them to get caught up in unhealthy groups or gangs, a slippery slope to crime, violence, addiction or worse.

“Through years of experience working with young people, those who end up in trouble, drop out of the education system or get in with the ‘wrong crowd’ typically at a core level have low self-worth, no purpose in life and zero confidence. They mask it with bravado, violence, control or being surrounded by others in a similar situation. At CHAMPS Academy we want to be part of the solution for young people, and thanks to the funding Nicole has secured we can be the positive change they need to choose a healthier and more satisfying path in life.” Says Annette Du Bois

After attending a local community meeting in Lewisham, CHAMPS Academy Franchised Coach Nicole Appiah learnt of some funding that could be available to help young people in her area. The qualities of all CHAMPS Coaches in our Mission to help young people is passion, commitment and desire to make a difference.

Without delay Nicole got to it and applied for the Grove Park Assembly Fund offered by Lewisham Council. We supported Nicole through the initial application ensuring it was fully completed with why the funding would be a great opportunity for Nicole and CHAMPS to help local young people. Her application was put to a Decision Board.

And shortly after she was thrilled to receive notification her application had got through to the second round. This involved showcasing her CHAMPS Academy business to the local council and the community representatives at a Market Place event with many other applicants. There was a vote for the projects that the local council and community wanted.

Out of those many others, Lewisham Council saw a huge benefit in Nicole’s CHAMPS Academy services and she received confirmation of funding. We so very proud of Nicole and excited to be able to reach many more young people.

Nicole comments…“I am so happy and with this funding I can now run a special CHAMPS Confidence Club in the Lewisham area to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and literally change the course of their life. I just love what I do and the contribution I can make to my local community”