Learn More About Co-Founder Ian Fox…

Ian Fox, the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy has been in business for over 35 years and has built several successful businesses, including a successful Martial Arts chain, with over 2000 students, which he sold in 2002 and Fox Fitness which, has trained over 7400 instructors Globally using the very same marketing, business building and growth techniques he now brings to the Franchise.

Ian has trained some of the largest companies in the World, set Guinness World Records and appeared on TV, Radio and in Magazines internationally.
He has written articles, books and produced numerous DVDs and Audios, including being an author for Nightingale Conant. He has spoken to audiences Worldwide as well as taught high level communication techniques to the Police, Military and Government personnel.

You may have seen him on TV because he’s appeared on the BBC, Channel4 and on QVC as well as won a prestigious LiveWIRE business award.
He’s worked with clients all over the world and is also one of the expert presenters SuccessTrack.

Ian brings the authenticity of years of top ranking business, marketing and success. He’s one of the UK’s most experienced and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

A Few Videos from Ian…