Leigh Stutchbury (Wimbledon & Tooting Franchise) was invited to be a guest speaker at a local event through KidSorted. Following the CHAMPS Academy Community Contribution Introductory Talk Series, he spoke to a group of Mums at the popular Willow Bough tea room.

As well as presenting the CHAMPS Academy ethos and beliefs about what Confidence for kids really is, Leigh also shared some practical and useful exercises which consequently had a profound and lasting impact for one Mum in particular.

Her son who has ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) gets so anxious each morning, it’s a struggle to get him from the School gate into School, too shy, nervous and scared to move any further. Together, Mum & son practised the breathing technique she learned at Leigh’s talk, and even she was amazed at how quick and effective the results were.

Her son instantly became calmer, brighter and more able to control his anxieties, which lowered in intensity and became less worrying, the Mum was then able to help him manage better. After implementing some of the tips given by Leigh at the School gate this boy was go into class with more ease and calmness than before leading to a much better start to the dayfor all the family.

Since then, they’ve continued this breathing routine every morning to help calm School anxieties. Because of the positive impact this very simple exercise had, the Mum has booked Leigh for 1:1 coaching sessions with her son to help continue the positive momentum with simple tools, exercises and age-appropriate strategies to help him manage emotions, build confidence and overcome challenges he faces.

“Not only do CHAMPS Academy provide the practical and proactive solutions for what young people need today (including those with learning challenges and developmental issues), they offer parents the reassurance there’s simple and long-lasting life-skills their child can learn to equip them for their future.Says Annette Du Bois

From this talk to a small group of Mums (and Dads), Leigh was able to convert a high number into paying clients. Since then Leigh has given numerous talks and generated 100’s of Coaching clients.