Frequently Asked Questions

What do CHAMPS Academy actually do/offer?

This may seems like an illogical question, but apart from the fact that we offer Confidence and Emotional Coaching to Kids and Young People, sometimes a deeper more clearer answer is required? So, the best place to learn all about what we do (and what you could do as one of our team of Coaches, if awarded one of our Franchises) is to have a good look at our main Coaching website by clicking here>

What are the typical working hours per week?

It all depends on what you want to do on a daily basis? But typically you’d be looking at having several 1-1 coaching clients per day (either by Skype/FaceTime or WhatsApp). Having a few sessions in Schools etc. (if you have chosen the Franchise Package that includes Schools). Holding CHAMPS Academy Themed Courses/Workshops at various times during the month or following month. It’s TOTALLY up to you and your income/time goals.

You can take on as little or as much coaching work as you can suitably handle and work the hours you want. Usually the coaching sessions take place when the child/teen is back from School or at another suitable time by mutual arrangement. The truth is you decide how much you want to earn in any week. If you want more money you put in a few extra hours, if you’d got a holiday planned or the kids are off School you can do less.

  • Have more work-life-balance
  • Fun and fulfilling business
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Get more time for your family
  • Feel richly rewarded everyday
  • Make a real difference

Can I Really Do It?

The answer is YES you can! We will train and guide you to be a great Coach and follow our proven plug in and go system.

If you have a PASSION and DESIRE to help and inspire Kids, willing and committed to working hard, then we offer you the system, tools, support and backing. Just like what we’ve done for all our other Franchisees, most of which had zero experience before starting.

What Support Do I Get?

If you are selected (awarded a Franchise Territory), we are 1000% committed to your success as a CHAMPS Academy Franchisee.

Do I need to be Accredited to Coach already?

The answer is NO. CHAMPS Coaches are strategists NOT Therapists. We do not offer Therapy. In 99% of cases kids/teens do NOT need therapy or counselling… they need practical help and workable solutions. This is exactly what CHAMPS Academy provides.

  • We have a unique, exclusive and proven way to demonstrate how effective our coaching is to Parents (or methods REALLY work and are quick)
  • All coaches are DBS checked, fully and adequately trained, licensed, insured and supported by CHAMPS to the highest level possible
  • We have a degree in producing results! 😉 Our Reviews speak for themselves!
  • The ongoing support we provide our Franchisees through our CHAMPS Coach Development, offers continual professional development for coaches.
  • Follow our proven coaching techniques and systems. Parents are not buying your “Psychology Credentials” they are buying the Solution CHAMPS Academy Coaching gives their Child/Teen
  • We show you and teach you everything you need to be a successful Kids Coach

How big is my Franchise Territory?

We provide an ample size of territory for each Franchisee to operate in… which is suitably populated with the target market (i.e. children/teens) including homes, leisure centres, schools and other community type facilities. Obviously we can’t reveal all our special insider methods at this very early stage! 😉

  • We use specific metrics, data and mapping processes to accurately allocate each territory.
  • This is usually the area around where the Franchisee lives and is going to operate the business (subject to availability).
  • We make sure that is the territory is more than workable and optimal for each Franchisee’s goals and aspirations.

Can I speak to an existing Franchisee?

The answer is YES of course — just not quite yet. Our stipulation is that you wait until you are further along the decision-making process first. This is to make sure that no one’s time is wasted (our Franchisees are busy people and are putting themselves out to speak with you) and that you pre-qualify for being awarded the Franchise in your area in principle beforehand.

Then we will arrange for you to speak to other Franchisees to help you make the right decision. We are very transparent and will certainly make it easy for you to chat to others but you need to be pre-qualified first. We do get many time-wasters and have to be careful, as a matter of fact we reject more people than we actually accept into the Franchise. That’s not because they ask us questions… but they are simply unsuitable.

What happens if my area has already been taken?

That’s the potential risk as the Franchise expands throughout the UK and beyond. Those who get in first stand the best chance of securing their area. We will of course notify you straightaway should that be the case?

Is there demand in my area?

Yes, from our experience of receiving 100’s of enquiries a month from Parents. Kids and young people are going through some very tough times, and no child or teen is immune to the effects of growing up in today’s complex/problematic society. Every parent knows another parent whose child has an emotional issue in one form or another that is affecting their confidence, self esteem and happiness. Also the transitional process of growing up means that different issues/challenges arise as they develop. The challenging, problematic and fragmented society in which we all live makes CHAMPS Academy Coaching a necessity for young people today.

How Soon Can I Start Earning?

As soon as they’ve launched some coaches start earning almost straightway. We work with you to decide on what your Target Monthly Income Goal is and work/help you towards achieving it. It could be a mix of incomes streams, but by far the biggest/fastest is the 1:1 Coaching which you do from home.

Will Parents pay for a service like CHAMPS Academy?

The answer is YES! 8 out of 10 Parents will (and do) invest money into the Psychological Welfare of their children. We have the stats and reviews to prove it. We target specific types of Parents and not those who are not accustomed to investing in solutions and Coaching for benefit and growth of their children.

The other thing we offer is various Coaching Packages, Courses and Themed Workshops, so there’s ALWAYS a price they can afford.

Are you looking for Franchisees in other Countries?

It really depend on the country? At the moment our international expansion is given careful consideration, because we need the right Franchise partners to work with.

We can go really specific and deeper on your personal questions on our Special Franchise Video series with Annette click here>

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