Claire Shares the CHAMPS Mission At Hampshire Fit Fest

Claire attended the Hampshire Fit Fest in support of young people’s mental and emotional well-being.

Fit Fest is headed up by Hampshire CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and in collaboration with other local and national organisations to support young people.

CHAMPS Academy are very aware of the enormous pressure young people feel now, hence the reason why they offer proactive and practical solutions to provide real-world strategies to meet needs of young peoople growing up in such a complex and stress-filled world.

CHAMPS Academy is a member of the Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, there are regular reports and statistics about the state of Children’s Mental Health. In December 2017, NHS Digital reported one in ten teenage girls were being referred for specialist mental health treatment, struggling with mental and emotional well-being issues.

“More and more organisations are recognising CHAMPS has something unique and offers a huge support for young people and organisations, who’s resources are typically stretched to try and meet demand.

Says Annette Du Bois

Claire had a fantastic day networking with key personnel from Schools, local organisations and spreading the word of how CHAMPS supports young people to better manage stress, mind-based issues like worry and anxiety as well as boost self-esteem to achieve their best in life.

If you believe what CHAMPS Academy believes… the only way to make a better world for young people is to equip them with the life skills and strategies to handle any situation now and in their future with Confidence, Clarity and Certainty, click the button below to learn more about this unique Franchise opportunity.