Growing up is a complex process, more so than ever before and with the rise of selfies and the ever increasing ‘perfection perception’ young people feel pressured to have, then imagine what it’s like for a child or teen who is different.

At CHAMPS we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness in the world and help kids recognise and appreciate all great things about being them. An opportunity arose for CHAMPS Coach Claire, to work with an amazing community focused organisation with a synergistic ethos.

Square Pegs Charity, led by the amazing and inspirational Charlie Reilly, their aim is to support their whole community, reducing social isolation, encouraging inclusivity, & promoting wellbeing through creative groups, clubs & social events!

At the wonderful Square Pegs Centre in Gosport, Claire provides regular workshops for children and teens who have developmental and behavioural conditions such as Autism, ADHD, etc and those who struggle with the social and emotional side of growing up.

And it’s fantastic now Claire is able to help local children and teens, supporting this worthwhile community and teaching young people how to gain confidence, resilience and be their true self in life.

“I remember first meeting Charlie back in 2016 at the Venus Awards presentations, I was privileged to be part of and receive an Award. Charlie’s personal story and commitment is a true testament to her resilience, strength and personal passion for helping others no matter what struggles or challenges they’re going through.

Says Annette Du Bois

If you believe what CHAMPS Academy believes… the only way to make a better world for young people is to equip them with the life skills and strategies to handle any situation now and in their future with Confidence, Clarity and Certainty, click the button below to learn more about this unique Franchise opportunity.