British Actor Joins CHAMPS Academy As Brand Ambassador

CHAMPS Academy is very proud to welcome Navin Chowdhry as a brand and mission Ambassador. Navin is an established actor and producer with many credits to his name such as Teachers (2001), A Touch of Cloth (2012), Doctor Foster (2015) and more recently playing Kieran in the BBC Drama The Replacement.

One of Navin Chowdhry’s reasons for making the transformative decision to become a CHAMPS Academy Ambassador and coach was because back when he was 5 years old he froze on stage whilst doing a poetry reading competition at School. He admits being “terrified” and goes on to say

“I left the stage promising myself I would never ever do anything like that again. Ever.”

But Navin is happy to admit he was wrong, because 10 years later he made his professional acting debut aged 15. “I was very lucky. I had people around me that helped get my confidence back. But for so many others that just does not happen. But I believe it can happen.”