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Annette’s Story

Meet Annette Du Bois, the co-founder of CHAMPS Academy and who’s coached/helped thousands of Kids and Teens Worldwide for over 18 years.

It’s not the conditions of life that hold us back but the decisions we make about what we are going to do about them.

I was diagnosed at age 4 with an over-active thyroid, quite rare at such a young age and whilst not physically impaired, one moment I was slim, the next really large!

I believe that every child and teenager deserves to live their life to the full and have the confidence and resilience to handle anything in life.

The key unlocking Confidence and the birth of CHAMPS Academy.

Looking back, my purpose or path in life was set before me at the tender age of 9, following being bullied at primary school, the underlying relational bullying started by girls. Back then the class sizes were smaller than now and being excluded by everyone was devastating. From the mean and nasty anonymous notes of hate to the complete silent treatment, it was a very lonely and sad time. You could say I was a weak target because of my lack of confidence and ever-changing body fluctuations.

I was diagnosed at age 4 with an over-active thyroid, quite rare at such a young age and whilst not physically impaired, regular monitoring and forever adapting medication meant one moment I was really slim, the next really large. At age 11 it was necessary for me to have 80% of my thyroid removed. A decision to clip the scar at the time left me with a permanent raised scar along my neck.

That was during the summer, then a few months later I started secondary School. Not only did I have the usual anxieties of starting “big School” but this prominent scar and perceived “what will people think?” massively affected my self-esteem and only amplified the echoes of the bullies in my head.

My young adult life was a constant drive of trying to prove myself to others, looking for acceptance and approval. I pushed myself to achieve “success” in the Corporate world. Starting as a temp in a Telecommunications company and fast-tracking to Team Manager of a busy Call Centre by the age of 21. This was equally a testing time, although not directly bullying, I received a lot of opposition from older members, their lack of support, disapproving comments and tone, weakened my self-belief and making me feel “never good enough.” The early ‘00s were not great for the industry and I was made redundant twice in quick succession.

The first I was ready and prepared for, the second hit me hard, feeling very low, rejected, dropping my self-esteem and belief in myself to zero.

With lots of time on my hands I used exercise as a way of diversion and distraction, perhaps verging on obsession at times, but then I found Yoga and meditation.

This process allowed me to ponder on life’s big question… “what do I really want to be doing in life?”

In the end the problem was essentially an opportunity (aren’t they all). A key unlocking another door in the chapters of life. The birth of CHAMPS Academy.

My Core Beliefs.

  • Every child/teen deserves to be Confident

  • Our Mind is Incredibly Powerful

  • Children’s Potential is Unlimited

  • Most Kids don’t need Therapy they need Strategy

  • We become what we think about

  • Every child has the right to be all they can in life

  • We can’t control other people or circumstances, only ourselves

  • Never let a bully enter your mind

  • Life is a journey, 1-step at a time towards greatness.

CHAMPS Academy

The Leading NUMBER 1 Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching Brand in the UK.

You can work for yourself, but not have to go it alone. Anyone can learn our proven CHAMPS Academy methods and systems, and once you do, your ability to transform kids and teens lives soars.

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Annette is also a total advocate of Children and young people learning empowering techniques to manage stress and handle all that life throws at them and that’s why the CHAMPS Academy Coaching System which is specifically designed to work for kids and teenagers all ages. CHAMPS Academy have already helped over 176,000 kids and teens worldwide so far become more Confident and overcome obstacles, setbacks and mental challenges!

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