Here are 7 perfect reasons you should look closely at the CHAMPS Academy Franchise opportunity. There are so many good reasons to become a Franchisee with CHAMPS and this is just for starters!

01: Family Friendly Business:

• Choose the hours you work
• No more compromising family life
• Manage work-life balance
• Be there when your family needs you
• Make more money and enjoy more family time

02: Social Media Safety:

• Prevent children becoming negatively influenced from social media
• Internet safety
• Parental guidance – what they must know
• How to limit the time children spend on social media
• Effective ways to handle cyber/social media bullying

03: Empower The Next Generation:

• Make a positive impact on the adults of the future
• Encourage leaders to create a stronger community
• Stop the rot – changing perceptions of people and areas
• Help your local community to be a nice place to live
• Inspire and motivate children to be all they can be

04: Recession Proof Business:

• Children’s activities will ALWAYS be popular
• Parents always want the best for their children
• The only children’s confidence coaching program that includes ‘TransforMind‘ Mental Health coaching for kids and teens
• Residual Income. Children learn essential like-skills to develop their confidence and social skills in a fun and enjoyable way that keeps them coming back to your sessions

05: Gain More Freedom & Choice In Your Life:

• Flexibility. Choose the hours and days you want to work
• Choice. Run your business full or part time
• Freedom. Fits easily around family commitments
• Time. Be in control of your life
• Money. Earn a great income that buys you more choice

06: The Ultimate Motivation:

• Enjoy! Should work be this much fun – we think so!
• Passion. Love what you do and feel totally satisfied
• Matter. Feel inspired and motivated to make a positive difference
• Thrive. Exceed your career and personal aspirations
• Spirit. Allow your inner child to flourish

07: A Business That Grows With You:

• Grow. Be in control of your business growth
• Expand. You can align with your ambitions
• It’s about YOU! You choose what you want to achieve
• Backing. We’re here when you need us
• Make A Difference. No other business opportunity offers you what CHAMPS can!

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