Start Your Own Coaching Business!

Start Your Own Coaching Business!

Make a BIG difference in the lives of Kids and Teens and train to be a CHAMPS Academy Confidence and Life Skills Coach.

Become a CHAMPS Coach

Could You Become a CHAMPS Coach?

People from all walks of life join our Franchise and start a successful CHAMPS Academy coaching business. Could you?

Do You Want To Make A Difference?

All sorts of people join our Franchise, because they want to make a BIG difference in the lives of Kids and Teens.

As featured on TV, Radio, Speaker Stages and National Magazines.


Award Winning…

When you decide to become a CHAMPS Academy Franchisee you’ll be in good company… Annette Du Bois won the award for the Most Influential Women in 2016 and The Business Women Excellence ‘Inspire Award’ in Nov 2018. She also came runner up in Working with Children and Families.

She’s also received numerous accolades and media coverage as the UK’s most recognised expert.

Working Mums Franchise Award
Annette is Most Influential Women.
CHAMPS Annette wins BWEA Award.

Why CHAMPS Academy?

  • CHAMPS is the Number 1 Kids/Teens Coaching Brand

    CHAMPS is the largest Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching provider in the UK and our Franchise system has seen rapid growth since launching.

  • Proven System To Follow

    CHAMPS Academy offers you a proven, very unique, implementable, and exceedingly-effective coaching and business system using tested concepts and what’s WORKING NOW.

  • Vast Experience You Can Depend On

    With over 35 years in the Coaching, Personal Development, and Empowerment industry, plus having started and grown many successful businesses for over 20 years, CHAMPS founders Annette Du Bois and Ian Fox understands what it takes to succeed in the coaching business.

Also, Parents Love the work we do here at CHAMPS Academy…

  • CHAMPS is Flexible and Rewarding

    This is a flexible Franchise business opportunity that allows you to run your own Kids-Coaching business whilst developing a rewarding and stable income. This is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to invest in a new business that works uniquely round other life commitments, such as family, etc or who simply wants to earn more but work less.

  • Get Paying Clients Fast

    CHAMPS understands that attracting parents to pay for coaching for their children is the key to successful long term growth. That’s why CHAMPS have developed a unique client-attraction system that enables you to achieve real results and gain high return profits. You quickly grow your CHAMPS Franchise business and client base many times bigger than an independent freelance coach working alone.

  • Get Paid To Coach Kids and Teens.

    This is a Step-by-Step Blueprint for Franchise Success with ample ability to scale-up as your success grows. You get EVERYTHING you need to succeed as a CHAMPS Academy Coach… from the initial training to a comprehensive online support area to regular Skype/Phone/Email Support/Mentoring to help you.

Excellent Reviews on TrustPilot for CHAMPS Franchise.

Read our heart-warming Reviews on TrustPilot

Huge Demand for CHAMPS Academy Franchise.

Their Confidence Clubs have sold out time and time again, that’s how popular CHAMPS Academy is.

Ann and Jenn Love Their Franchise…

“We launched our CHAMPS Academy mid December 2017. Before and since then we have received exactly the right amount of support we need, not too much, not too little. We feel that we have been coached by Annette and Ian to be the best we can be in our new role of kids confidence coaches including our business/marketing training needs. We receive regular emails and can email them for support. We regularly have personal Skype meetings/trainings with Annette and group support meetings also. With their help we have had a very successful 2 months since our launch and feel well supported on our ongoing journey.”  

Ann & Jenn (Dublin)
Kids Life Coaching Business.

Help Kids and Young People

More and more children and teens have emotional issues, low self-esteem and lack confidence. You can make a REAL difference to kids and parents in your area by starting your own Successful CHAMPS Academy Franchise.

Offer Proactive Solutions

CHAMPS Academy is about proactive solutions that kids and teens understand and can actually APPLY. They are Strategists NOT Therapists. They give you ALL the coaching training, tools, and techniques for a SUCCESSFUL and scaleable business.

Parents Spend Over £74K

According to the latest study by the ONS in 2016 there were 18.9 million families in the UK. Bringing up each child Parents spend more than £74,000 on education-related expenses and additional tutoring (including character building activities)…Ref: article in The Guardian newspaper.

Renowned British Actor joins CHAMPS Academy as Brand Ambassador

CHAMPS Academy is very proud to welcome Navin Chowdhry as a brand and mission Ambassador. Navin is an established actor and producer with many credits to his name such as Teachers (2001), A Touch of Cloth (2012), Doctor Foster (2015) and more recently playing Kieran in the BBC Drama The Replacement.

No Experience Required

You don’t need any previous coaching experience to get started.

Full Training Given

We provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Income Potential

We give you 5 fantastic ways to generate a great income as a coach.

Exclusive Territory

We give you a protected trading area, to maximise your Franchise success.

Franchise Starter Kit

This includes everything you need to start your new business.

Total Support

You get the best support in the UK by phone, Skype and Online.

Our Basingstoke Franchisee Chantal works full time, has two young children and runs a very successful and growing CHAMPS Academy Franchise.

What Kind of People Become CHAMPS Franchisees?

  • Passionate to Create Positive Change and Impact.
  • Work at home Mums/Parents.
  • Those looking for a lucrative primary or second income.
  • Recently made redundant (but has capital to invest).
  • Looking for a career change.
  • Diversification in current business (such as Life Coaches, Kids Tutors, Kids Activity Centres, Business Coach, Instructors, Dance Teachers etc.).
  • Semi Retired or Retired Professionals.
  • Those who really want to make a difference in the lives of kids and teens and truly believe in what CHAMPS Academy stands for.
  • And people from all walks of life!

Even if you don’t fit into all of the criteria above, no problem, it’s still worth chatting to us…


Kids/Teens coached Worldwide so far.


Franchisees Launched So Far!


Rated Number 1 by Thousands of Parents


One of the many things you’ll love about becoming a CHAMPS Academy Franchisee is working with a highly supportive, fun and motivated group of people.


Our Franchisees rave about the support and personal help they get. This is what really separates CHAMPS Academy from other Franchises and business opportunities.


Lots of Franchises talk about “making a difference” but with CHAMPS you get to make a REAL, significant and life-changing difference… no one else can match.

You can make a huge difference in your community and find more work-life balance.

Latest CHAMPS Academy Franchise News

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3 Reasons Some Women Struggle Joining A Franchise

CHAMPS Academy and CHAMPS Academy Franchise, Co-Founder Annette Du Bois was Invited to be a Guest Blogger for the Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF).
, ,

30 Years Ago, CHAMPS Academy Co-Founder's First Business Venture

Annette Du Bois, co-founder of CHAMPS Academy & the CHAMPS Franchise found her business feet at aged 11 at a School Christmas fair.
, ,

CHAMPS Academy Gets Another Award

So proud to have won The Inspire Award and runner up in Working with Children and Families.
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A Business Full of Confidence for Inspired Mums

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of Kids and young people by coaching them to become more Self-Confident and resourceful? Would you like to feel richly rewarded for what you do and earn a good living doing it. Are you looking for a new career or life change yourself?
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Nicole Helps Kids Choose The Right Path In Life Thanks To Local Funding

CHAMPS Academy helps kids and teens to make safe decisions, right choices and overcome challenges with resilience and resourcefulness, choosing the right path in life. Thanks to Lewisham Council funding, CHAMPS Academy Franchised Coach Nicole Appiah, is able to help young people from disadvantaged areas to be more confident, overcome challenges and feel brighter about their future.

CHAMPS Academy Franchisee Chantal Climbs Mountain

Our Basingstoke Fracnhisee Chantal Dawson climbed Mount Snowdon and used her CHAMPS Academy Coaching tools to help her reach the top.
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Annette Du Bois - Female First

Annette Du Bois recently wrote a great piece for Female First. The article called “10 Reasons Why There Are So Many Pressures On Young People Today” talks about the tremendous and problematic pressures on young people living in todays world.
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Annette Talks to Sheerluxe About Is Having A Favourite Child Ever OK

Sheerluxe asked the following question... "Parents may profess not to, but having a favourite child is definitely a thing – studies have shown both mothers and fathers harbour preferential feelings for one of their children. But is having a favourite really all that bad? And is there a reason parents feel more strongly about a particular child?"
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Claire Helps Kids Celebrate Their Differences in a Self-Obsessed World

CHAMPS Academy helps young people celebrate their individual uniqueness in this world no matter their challenges. Working with Square Pegs, a community based group, CHAMPS Coach Claire is able to help more young people feel confident and happier.
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CHAMPS Academy opens Franchise in Basingstoke

CHAMPS Academy is so excited to open the new Franchise in the Basingstoke and surrounding areas. Our inspirational coach Chantal Dawson who is a Mum to 2 beautiful boys, Jack and Elliot was originally from South Africa but has lived in the UK for 15 years with her husband, Mark.
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Leigh’s Talk To Mums Helps School Anxiety

Leigh Stutchbury (Wimbledon & Tooting Franchise) was invited to be a guest speaker at a local event through KidSorted. Following the CHAMPS Academy Community Contribution Introductory Talk Series, he spoke to a group of Mums at the popular Willow Bough tea room.
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Claire Shares the CHAMPS Mission At Hampshire Fit Fest

Claire Green (Gosport and Fareham Franchise) attended the Hampshire Fit Fest in support of young people’s mental and emotional well-being. Fit Fest is headed up by Hampshire CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and in collaboration with other local and national organisations to support young people.
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Shirley helps three little primary age girls stop being Bullied

Three little primary age girls from the same family attended, one of whom had been bullied for several years by the same person. The mum told Shirley that the school had tried very hard to deal with the problem, but it had become chronic, and the wee girl was very unhappy to go to school.
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CHAMPS Franchise Opportunity Birmingham

CHAMPS Academy are urgently looking for a Franchisee to cover the West Midlands area after being inundated with enquiries for Confidence Coaching for kids and teens of all ages. Plus Schools for workshops.
, ,

Coaches Get Multi-Level Support

CHAMPS Academy Franchisees get supported in lot's of practical and helpful ways... to ensure they succeed.
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Vicki’s Christmas Fair Gets Her In Front of Parents.

CHAMPS Academy Franchisee Vicki gets out there in the community to promote her Franchise
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CHAMPS Academy Featured In The Telegraph

Annette Du Bois and CHAMPS Academy featured in The Telegraph article today about the massive growth of Life-Coaching for kids with an article called ‘Meet the life coaches for four year olds’.
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Monday 20th Nov 2017 was World Children's Day... a day recognised to celebrate children around the world.
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Claires Launch Event and Radio Interview

Our CHAMPS Academy Franchisee Claire Green covering the Gosport and Fareham area was invited onto the local Radio Station to talk about her CHAMPS Academy Launch Event and her new CHAMPS Franchise.
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CHAMPS Academy is proud to be opening a new Franchise in Malaysia

The CHAMPS Academy Franchise is growing all over the world at an exciting rate because people are looking for an exciting new business opportunity to make a real and significant difference in the lives of kids and teens.

Only 13 percent of people worldwide actually like going to work

According to data collected by Gallup from over 140 countries, shows that only 13 percent of employees are "engaged" in their jobs, or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve. Life is too short to settle for second best and a half-lived career.

Coach Real World Resilience to Kids

At CHAMPS Academy we teach Real-World-Resilience to Kids... because life today and in the future is going to be challenging. The pressures kids and teens face today are huge compared to when their parents were young.
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British Actor Joins CHAMPS Academy

CHAMPS Academy is very proud to welcome Navin Chowdhry as a brand and mission Ambassador. Navin is an established actor and producer with many credits to his name such as Teachers (2001), A Touch of Cloth (2012), Doctor Foster (2015) and more recently playing Kieran in the BBC Drama The Replacement.
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Nicole's Summer Event Goes Down A Storm

Nicole has the Lewisham and Bromley CHAMPS Academy Franchise and appeared at a local summer event.

Why CHAMPS Needs More Franchisees

Young people are in a confidence and mental health crisis, you only have to switch on the radio, TV or scroll through the Internet to see the extent of the problem. Every challenge presents a great opportunity and that’s what CHAMPS Academy…

A Day in the Life of a CHAMPS Franchisee

You may be wondering what it’s like to run a CHAMPS Academy Franchise and there’s nothing better than hearing it from someone already doing it. Marie runs a CHAMPS Academy Franchise in the Bridgend area of Wales and her success has been…