Welcome to The CHAMPS Academy Franchise Opportunity.

CHAMPS Academy is an Exceptional Franchise Opportunity for Exceptional people to work with us to become our Brand Ambassador Coaches.

From time to time we open our doors and accept applications to apply for a chance to join us.

Few make it through. If you’d like to be considered for an amazing CHAMPS Academy Franchise and MEET the criteria below, then please get in touch.

If you not familiar with who we are, please visit the CHAMPS Academy main Coaching website then come back here.

  • You have a committed and dedicated work ethic and are driven to succeed. You have adequate time (whether full or part time) to work on and in the business. It’s not going to work if you have too many commitments to manage.
  • You have no other business interests that could cause a conflict of interests with ours? This includes having an existing coaching business or training in another coaching model or method that you’d like to combine. This is simply NOT allowed.
  • You have £10K in available funds to invest (in the initial Franchise investment) Plus between £2-3K in working capital to help you start and grow your Franchise business.
  • You are Honest and Trustworthy. Unfortunately we’ve had some unscrupulous people take what we gave them and try to rip us off. That will NEVER happen again!
  • You are a People Person and like to Network. This is a relationship business and the key to success is getting in front of Parents and the right people.
  • You have the full support of your family with something like this. They understand the reality of running a business (be it full or part time) and appreciate what it takes and will support you.

If you can answer YES to ALL the points we require above, then please go to the next stage of completing the form below and we will review it. Then if successful, invite you on to a special in-depth ‘Franchise Discovery Presentation’ where your application to join can be discussed in more detail.

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Become a CHAMPS Academy Confidence and Life-Skills Coach and help transform Kids and Young People’s Lives.


Don’t Just Talk About The Future… Create It!